Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Canada



The current Awards system was launched in 2000 and coincided with the 25th Anniversary of the Society. The goal of the Awards is to encourage club members to work with their dogs and to celebrate their accomplishments.

Some choose to try and reach the pinnacle at one specific event while others enjoy working in multiple venues. Consequently, the Awards were designed to reward both preferences by recognizing Outstanding Achievements, the All-Round Retriever, and Versatility Dogs.  Dogs eligible for an award must be owned by a club member, both at the time the requirements are completed and at the time of application for the award. For awards that require more than one title/achievement, the owner of the dog must be a member of the FCRSC when the last title/achievement was earned. The club members do not need to be a Canadian resident to qualify, however all the titles and achievements must be earned in Canada.  The award form for the current year is available in the FCRSC Members area.

Outstanding Achievement – The FCRSC recognizes those dogs and owners who strive to master some of the most difficult aspects of the sport of dogs.

All Round Retriever Award – The All Round Retriever Award recognizes those owners and dogs who compete in three (3) specific disciplines; conformation, obedience and field.  This category consists of 3 levels: All Round Retriever, All Round Retriever Advanced and All Round Retriever Excellent.

Versatility Award – The Versatility Dog Awards recognize those owners and dogs that compete in three (3) or more disciplines, that may include some, but not all, of the specific areas of conformation, obedience & field.  The disciplines that are recognized in the versatility awards are: Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Field (Working Certificate Test or Hunt Test), Scent Detection, Tracking, Agility, Flyball or Scent Hurdling, and Drafting.

Our FCRSC Awards winners: